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There are many ways to control moles and other nuisance wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. After years of experience, we have found that trapping and removal, combined with persistence and knowledge, is the best method. 


Pricing and Fees

Our fee for a service call and/or initial trap placement is $75.00 up front. This will be increased for long distances to reach the job site. The cost for one mole trapped and removed is $100.00. Any additional moles caught during the service period will be discounted. No fee, other than the initial $75.00, will be charged if no moles are caught.


Mole Traps

Mole traps are the most efficient way of catching and removing moles from unwanted areas. While some control methods pose risks to children, pets and landscaping, we prefer minimally invasive traps that can control mole situations quickly.

In the photo above, from left to right, the traps are:

  • Victor harpoon trap

  • No-mol trap

  • Dufus trap

  • Victor "Out-O-Sight" trap


Home Remedies

A quick Google search will provide many home remedies for removing and controlling nuisance moles and gophers. These include

  • Poison Baits

  • Juicy Fruit Gum

  • Flooding Mole Tunnel Systems

  • Poisonous Fumes

  • Broken Glass

  • Moth Balls

  • Human Hair

  • Petroleum Products

  • Castor Oil

These methods are both not effective and a potential threat to pets, children and existing plants/landscaping. In many cases, more effort is needed to control a mole situation. As seen in the above photo, home remedies can often damage your lawn or landscaping.

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